Quick look: Underground IDOL Domination vol.1

While I was searching for Necronomidol merch (the Eldritch idol is especially adorable) I stumbled on a short documentary that features the group, among others, in the underground circuit. Underground IDOL Domination vol.1. Here are the groups featured with their time-stamp:

  • 01:13 – GEKIDOL
  • 09:11 – Lyric-Holic
  • 17:43 – GusOdRoP
  • 27:00 – Screaming Sixties (絶叫する60度)
  • 38:11 – NECRONOMIDOL

The short doc is produced by JapanCorner and focuses on underground idol groups, and they’re not of the bubblegum pop sort. These idol groups lend their talents to metal, visual kei, rock, and “dark.”

Bulk of the video is concert footage, and whoever in charge of camera work took full advantage of getting as close as possible to the performers, as well as short interviews. Save for Neconomidol, all of these groups are new to me, so this was a nice way to get introduced to these underground idols.

The live performances were a treat to see the groups as individual acts doing their own thing. Each act has their own focus and goals for creating music, but they each give it their all for a good live performance that pleases the audience. GusOdRoP’s creativity might have backfired, though! They used megaphones on stage, which is fine on its own, but seeing as their are no mics near them to pick it up, it seemed maybe only a handful of people nearby heard them. The speakers were booming, so the camera sure as hell didn’t pick their singing. One member even checked her megaphone to see if it was working. Make sure to have a fresh batch of batteries for these things, kids!

Seeing Screaming Sixties’ performance piqued my interest immediately. I mean, the leather hot-pants, washboard abs and masks like the Lone Ranger were enough – hoo boy! What really caught my attention was how wild they got on stage. They remind me of Gacharic Spin, just bursting with energy and jumping all over the place. Another aspect to them that I thought was odd, but humbling, was that they actively disassociate their act from the internet. No Facebook updates, pics of them drinking outside of a Starbucks on Instagram, or blog updates on WordPress. However, they do seem to have a Twitter account that they update, so they’re not completely free from the net’s grasp. What they’re trying to do is they want to strictly be a live act that gets word of mouth through concert-goers. In their interview, though this part wasn’t subtitled, it appeared that they were asked if they had a CD album. Their response indicated that there wasn’t. It seems if fans want to connect with the group they’ll have to go meet them face-to-face, and after hearing through the grapevine of the duo hitting fans with plastic bats… who wouldn’t!?

Being on a Necronomidol kick lately, it was a treat to see a personal side to the group that doesn’t really exist anywhere else, even in Japanese media. The live shows were solid, and because there were only three members (possibly during the shift of the first members to graduate and the new members preparing to make their debut) it seemed more tight. The interview showcased some info that I wasn’t even aware while researching the group. Risaki was in a previous idol group and Hotaru was previously a hikikomori. The group tends to put themselves up as the dark idols, so this seemed rather candid in a way. Probably the biggest surprise was seeing how dorky Sari could be! She had sneezing fit while Risaki was trying to get through a question and, well, the big sigh she had while Sari laughed kind of says it all. Adorable!

If you enjoyed the short doc, be on the lookout for UNDERGROUND IDOL DOMINATION Vol. 2 aiming to be released in July 2016. Should be a busy month here at idol notes as well…!