Secret Anime Santa 2017~ Shin Atashinchi, My Neighbors the Yamadas and Barakamon

Another year of anime I get amped up to see, another year I’m late.

There is a good reason for it this time. The anime series “gifted” to me this year was a punch to the gut that I needed. Sometimes you have to get hit low to look up! I say that because when I looked up the series recommended to me I asked, “What in the hell is this, Santa?! Get these present away from me!” Continue reading “Secret Anime Santa 2017~ Shin Atashinchi, My Neighbors the Yamadas and Barakamon”

Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s Running Man (Liquid Television)

Have you seen Running Man? Not The Running Man, the action film starring ARRGHNOLD Schwarzenegger. Although, the piece I’m referring to also made its theatrical debut in 1987. This anime short appears as one of three animated shorts in the film Neo Tokyo – or at least that was one way to watch this piece.

I’ll expand on that later, but for now you can watch Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s short anime film, Running Man:

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Anime Open Season: Fall 2015

It’s the last roundup of the year. Will it go out in a whimper or a bang? Personally, I think it’s a fairly standard season with a few notable series. Also, you’re probably wondering, “Matty, what’s with the list being a season and a half late this time?” That’s a good point.

…Onward, forward! Continue reading “Anime Open Season: Fall 2015”

Secret Anime Santa 2015~ Show By Rock and Getting a ‘lil Shiki with it

First, apologies for my tardiness. Family and work, plus holidays on top made a whirlpool of things I never intended to involve myself with much of either this year. But it did! Also, I don’t want to keep Hisui waiting. He doesn’t seem like the type of dude you’d want to anger…

So, let’s get on with the show BY ROCK!!!

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Anime Open Season: Summer 2015

Enjoying the fall 2015 season of anime so far? Need a show or two to fill in the slots of series you dropped? Here are a few series from this past season that you might to consider picking up — or a couple that you should knock off the backlog.

This is a new feature that will hopefully continue with future installments, so there may be a few adjustments in the format here and there until it takes a more solid shape. For now, these are series that were completed in viewing. That’s right, even the bad ones! And about that; instead offering a standard rating (really, people, they mean nothing!), this format will have categories that are straightforward impressions, yet, subjective enough for the reader to make up their own judgement — and to suppress impulses to call out others to kill themselves for not liking a certain cartoon show (hooray!). Series will be sliced up as: 1. personally recommended, 2. recommended if it sounds up your alley, and, finally, 3. not recommended but, hey, there are people out there into this stuff, so go nuts. So, let’s dig in! Starting with…

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