Spooktacular Extravaganza 2016! – Idolm@ster Fright Fest!

Happy Halloween, children of the night! Alright, that’s about as chuunibyou as you’ll get from me. I do love me some horror, chills and thrills, though. Why not add some idols into the mix?

Idolm@ster idols, of course!

This is going to be a showcase of Idolm@ster characters (how many Koumes can you count!) getting into the spooky spirit done by very talented illustrators. This are hand selections of what I caught on Twitter, starting with Denki-Gai manga-ka, Asato Mizu!

I know Koume is the go-to creepy idol, but yikes. Let’s mix it up, though!

Some Lipps!

Enjoyed the ghoulishly gorgeous illustrations? You can find more in a list I made of hundreds of illustrators on Twitter through here.

I do have one more treat to share, but first I’m off to see if I can finally see The Great Pumpkin this year!