Saori Kimura: from the volleyball court to the stage

When I first saw this idol walk onto the stage with a volleyball I thought it was some quirky shtick so that they could stand out (Cinderella Girls has tainted my mind forever). Either that or she’ll spike the ball into the audience when things get too crazy. In any case, it is intriguing, but the most obvious didn’t come to my mind…

This isn’t any ordinary idol. Saori Kimura is a world class volleyball player, even reaching the Olympics in London, taking home the bronze. I don’t know much about the world of volleyball, but you don’t have to when you see the dozens of accolades in her record to tell you she’s the real MVP.

She can handle a volleyball, but how ’bout that mic?

I’d say, pretty well! The music is composed by Ishida Akira (seen preforming alongside Saori). If you’re familiar with the DIY idol group 3776 (みななろ), you can hear Ishida’s same approach to the music that he produces for the idol group as well as for Saori. The funky treble guitar, the whimsical synth melodies, and the electric drums.

The music seems more personal to Saori, though, at least to her abilities. While she’s fast on her feet on the court, she isn’t dancing across the stage like the 3776 members. The music definitely has a more laid-back groove here.

So, does Saori have a future in music? Well, much like a volleyball itself, it remains up the air. Since late last year, Saori talked about her imminent retirement from the sport. Even in her last competitive match, her own sister (also a competitive volleyball player) said she, “couldn’t get the feel from her that she was really quitting,” even leaving the possibility that she may appear in the all-star match later this month. All the while touring with her music! Either way it goes, this is someone who has a lot of energy while in talks of retirement.

Here is a clip of what she’s already known for:

Now I really wanna see her spike the audience with volleyballs! Maybe if she gets into the punk scene…

I’m more of a music fan than a sports one, but I still can’t recall many athletics leaving the field and entering the studio. Aside from this:

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