Makoto Kikuchi Birthday Parade – 2017 Edition!

You could say this is a belated birthday post, but I like to think of it as one magical night that spread across six more nights…

For good reason, since some artists needed time to get that ahoge just right. Even your’s truly took part in the celebration:

Belated fanart of Makoto Kikuchi receiving her birthday present (by me)

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…I’ll try better next year :~;

But here are some pros that were able to capture the cute/handsome idol prince.

And, as always, the Million Live’s whiteboard showed some love:

I just have to add this ojisan poppin’ a bottle of bubbly for a Makoto’s birthday. I wish to go all out someday, too:

I honestly didn’t expect this huge turnout of artists, and to be sure there are more via the hashtag if you wish to see more.

“When I was seventeen, it was a very good year… For birthday fanart.”