(Another) New Beginning


Have you ever visited a website that had drastic new opening only after two and half months with two posts at another host site?

Well, here we are – and welcome!

The skinny of it: I tried to add a few simple features to my previous host with WordPress.com, but after looking into it, it seems to get best out of your WordPress site (i.e. Plugins) you have to host your domain with someone else – because for some reason, the host that you decide to start out with thinks your access to new features should be limited as possible as opposed to a slew of the alternatives out there that offer more of what you’re looking for that could be useful for your site.

So, a few phone calls and over 200 samoles in the can later, we get idol notes!

I hope will add as much content that I think will fit into this humble, little site. Basically, whatever batshit crazy idea that comes from my mind or what I come across that’s on par with that.

Well, that was a lot work to make a website go live for one morning, so I’ll put my head to good use in Dreamland, then go to work!

Did I mention you shouldn’t host your domain at WordPress?

  • Yeah, paying to get it hosted is a good idea. Even if it’s only for the fact having your own domain name looks neater. Count yourself plus one follower. Looking forward to seeing what you write up.