Happy Makoto Day!

What’s idol notes without talking about the toppest idol of them all!? Oh, you humbly disagree, you say? Well, my good Sir or Madam, ask yourself this: how many idols get their own day to celebrate?

I jest about the toppest idol, but I’m glad that fellow fans of Makoto Kikuchi (The Idolm@ster) agreed to make October 28 十月二十八日は真日, marking this day as Makoto Day.

Why this date in particular? It marks the day when episode 17 of the Idolm@ster anime aired “Makoto, A True Prince” (真、まことの王子様). As a MakotoP of nearly a decade I can admit that the episode itself isn’t exactly riveting in terms of story, but why not take a day to observe the princely idol that’s so damn cool?

I don’t know when it started to become a thing among fans. Last year was when I first noticed it on Twitter when MakotoPs were tweeting original illustrations and cosplay of the character. Here are a few that I liked:

This is based on the bear Makoto won for herself at the amusement park:

There’s quite a few more to see for yourself, but this is a good spot to close out the post, ’cause it’s almost Halloween and I have a thing or two to spook you with! Mwuhahahaha! (lighting strikes, transforms into a bat and hunches over laptop on the Steam wishlist page…)