Feedback Friday!: avandoned

There are plenty of Friday songs, even a few we would rather forget, but now you can add this ditty to the list by idol group avandoned.

I think I came across this video recently during one of my nightly quests to discover idol groups. In any case, within seconds of given this song a listen, I immediately thought of another song, Age of Consent by New Order. Give it a listen yourself and you tell me if I’m losing my hearing:

When I found these little similarities interesting I posted them together on Twitter. I’m thinking it maybe wasn’t the right signal to be sending out in case some men in suits get involved. At least, one member of avandoned and someone at their management took notice, as they favorited ‘liked’ the tweet. Maybe it was even their manager, but regardless, just in case of such a situation should arise I made sure to compliment both songs. Idol notes doesn’t need a legal firm just yet!

A little more on avandoned, they’ve been active since 2014. They appear to only have a handful of songs produced, enough for a mini album release, Panic at nerd park. What disturbance could have occurred with a park dedicated to nerds? You tell me. For now, you watch their montage of the songs featured on the album:

Later this month, avandoned are appearing in another album with “king of noise” Hijokaidan. You might have noticed Hijokaidan – or more specifically, guitarist and project lead of the group, Jojo Hiroshige) performing with almost-as-noisy idol group BiS. With their noises combined they collaborated in a short group project called BiS Kaiden. I haven’t heard much of this collaboration, but I do love seeing the members of BiS losing their shit on stage. If combing idol music with constant guitar feedback sounds up your alley, be sure to give Avan-Kaidan: Noise Daisakusen a listen and order the album on February 17.

This seems like a good time to take note of the group. Their music is getting more solidified, and one member, Beni, is in charge of their choreography (really, check out their live videos. It’s simple but can get really wild). Fellow member Yuta even has co-writing credit on Feedback Friday, which is great seeing idols take more control of their music (she even has her own Soundcloud account with her own remixes and compositions).

You can see they take their music next by following them on: