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When a hero dies everyone feels it. Even NASA!

One of my heroes died yesterday; Prince. There are now countless of articles reflecting back on the pop music superstar, but I can’t imagine them being more than understatements. Not that I have much insight myself, but that’s just how amazingly talented and pleasing to watch Prince was.

So, my small tribute will bring the focus to the music of Prince – which I would do if Prince didn’t have so much disdain for the internet and scrubbed off any trace of all of his work on it. I admire the hell out of that, actually. Instead, I’ll just pull oddities of clips relating to The Artist, starting with one that I immediately had to watch once I heard the tragic news to put a smile back on my face.

Having the Godfather of Soul, the King of Pop and the Prince of Funk all on one stage together sounds like a clash of music acts and Dark Souls bosses, but guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. Sure enough, Prince had a lot to do with that, from riding on top of a big dude towards the stage to nearly crushing the audience with a lamppost that wasn’t secured to the floor. Oh, and you can’t forget the Prince mating call he resorted to when the guitar wasn’t sounding provocative enough.

This performance is something I only came across about a month ago. Purple Rain is an emotional classic, David Gilmour’s touch on guitar solos is enough to make you pause in awe, and Tom Jones was in Mars Attacks. They’re all legends in their own right, but putting them together… I don’t know. Maybe it’s the unblinking gaze off into the distance Jones does, or the amount of bending the guitar strings that matches Gilmour’s contorting face. I like it as a novelty piece. As a centerpiece of a Prince tribute? Maybe not.

This pairing should better gel with people, because who doesn’t love sexual innuendos in cartoons? For those who are a bit too young to remember, Animaniacs is one of the highlights of after school programs during the mid 1990s. And Prince was still active enough then that even kids were familiar with man – probably thanks to the Batdance. Just over a week ago, Tom Ruegger, creator of Animaniacs, went to Reddit to do an ask-me-anything session with fans to commemorate the show’s Netflix release. You get the joke in the video (Don’t feel bad if you don’t. When I saw this as a kid, I thought Dot figured Yakko wanted her to tickle Prince!), now here’s the background from Tom Ruegger:

Yes…it looked innocent on paper. It was funny in the board so we let it go to animation, then when it came back, the footage made us laugh so hard that we kept it in, and then when no one objected, it went on the air. Yikes!

And just for the hell of it, here’s the Batdance!

So long, Purple One. Yesterday, we mourn in losing you, but today we will get crazy in your honor – and possibly nasty.