Life is Strange, but Episode 1: Chrysalis is pretty cool

Ever wanted to go back to high school? If you haven’t punched through your monitor with your fist thinking about it, then let me ask you this; would you go back to high school if you could rewind time to save yourself from a life-changing moment, or perhaps …save a life?

Life is Strange takes place in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. You take control of high school senior Maxine Caulfield, who recently came back to her hometown to attend Blackwell Academy, a private school, to study photography. After waking up from a dream where a tornado was about to obliterate a small town, Max wakes up in a classroom in the middle of an unstimulating lecture. Fellow students are either attentive or daydreaming. Through the dust particles, sunlight fills the classroom with a warm, orange glow that signals that the school day is almost over. Max is called to answer her teacher’s question. She was so observant of her surrounding that she missed the entire lecture, so she’s scolded in front of her classmates, and is then mocked by a stuck-up girl sitting nearby. Life is mundane indeed. That is, until Max sees a classmate shot in the chest in the restroom. She panics and tries to intervene, but then suddenly appears back in her classroom. And back in time.

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Giant scissors once again search for Prey in Night Cry

Game developer Nude Marker recently announced that the title of their Project Scissors’ game; Night Cry. Horror film director Takashi Shimizu joined the project to direct a live action teaser trailer for the game. Here’s the first glimpse of what to expect from Night Cry:

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Reflection: Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed

I’m glad a game like Akiba’s Trip came along. It can be bit tiring for fans of niche games because you knew what you genuinely loved for its appealing charm as well as its rewarding experience would remain an obscure title; maybe build up a cult following at best, but ultimately left to be forgotten until someone name-drops the title into some Top Ten list years later. It’s part of the niche nature of things. Better to burn out than to fade away. To be honest, getting that much recognition is a testament to its nichiness greatness!

Akiba’s Trip (hearing people persistently say “Akiba Stip” would bother me if weren’t so appropriate) is a beat ’em up game. Think back to the hey day of arcades and seeing all the Final Fight knock offs — And holy cats, there were a lot! In some ways, it evolved into what we play now; Dynasty Warriors (and its Gundam ilk), Sleeping Dogs, Yakuza, Devil May Cry, and the lists goes on. Like disco, it didn’t die so much as it just adapted to new technology. I guess punching people in the face is too much fun to let go!

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