Halloween illustration parade ~ 2017

Don’t put those skeletons back in the closet just yet! Halloween is days weeks over but, funny enough, illustrators just kept pumping out spootakular artwork. Anything to extend my favorite holiday is fine by me.

As always, I’ll try to keep it organized. And of course, there’s A LOT of Koume Shirasaka and her weirdo friends. Also, needless to say, it’s going to be a blitzkrieg of illustrations via Twitter, so if your net connection is a little iffy, you might want to grab some brains to munch on.

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Hinamatsuri: Doll Day with Makoto Kikuchi 1/8 figure

March 3 is hinamatsuri in Japan. It’s a tradition that dates back to the Edo period where people pray for the healthy development of girls. One of the most notable aspects of this event are the ornamental dolls displayed on red carpet. I remember rolling up one of these in Katamari Damacy! Anyway, what’s a better way for me to commemorate this day than to have a look at anime figures!? Continue reading “Hinamatsuri: Doll Day with Makoto Kikuchi 1/8 figure”

Im@s Notes!: Cinderella Girls Anime St@rt!

At the stroke of midnight, the Fairy Godmother of A-1 Pictures waved its magical wand and bestowed a new Idolm@ster anime upon us! The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls made its animated debut earlier this month. While they had enough mercy to not dump all 200 idols from the mobile game into the show, they’ve already introduced 14 of 346 Productions’ idols (346 is the name of the production agency the idols are with, not that there are 346 idols …Yet).

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Happy Birthday, Yukiho!


And a merry Christmas, if you’re into that sort of thing.

As a side note, there’s been quite of a bit of tooling behind the scenes here at idol notes, but nothing to show for it sadly (well, technically it is visible but neon boarders on the Twitter feed isn’t anything to gloat about). Humbug! However, you can get some Christmas action over at fellow blog site, Reverse Thieves.

Reverse Thieves Anime Secret Santa Extravaganza! (link)

As with every year, the site hosts a secret Santa event, but instead of exchanging gag gifts no one wants, participants recommend anime series that they think their selected recipient will enjoy based on their My Anime List or some such equivalent. Dozens of anime blog sites join in, then review the anime series or film that their secret Santa gifted them. Definitely join in if you have a blog yourself. Heck, you can even see the anime I reviewed last year is still on the featured header of this site!

I missed the deadline to enter for this year’s event …てへぺろ(・ω<), but it’s fun to see what other anime fans recommended and then read their impressions. You can even spot a few trends for each year– 2014 is showing a lot of love for Haibane Renmei. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s a great series. Someone also recommended Another, which is great too, but…

Although I don’t have an impression post on anime today, I do plan to look back at some highlights of series I watched this year. I hope to get to it soon, and a few other things before 2014 gets kicked out the door.

Just so this year’s Christmas isn’t a total bust at idol notes, here are some pretty fan artwork of the most angelic aidoru at 765Pro, from us to you. Enjoy!

And be sure to check out this sweet hour long video showcasing im@s remixes featuring Yuhiko by Crna Ruka. Get out your white glow sticks and enjoy!

iM@S Notes!: SR The idolm@ster Yujin Figures

THE IDOLM@STER 9th ANNIVERSARY WE ARE M@STERPIECE!! came and went earlier this month, and if there’s one thing you can do while you’re missing out on a big event, it’s taking the time to reminisce and ponder on the past (Hey, both build upon special memories. Right…?).

The further along anniversaries go the more I’m interested in gaining perspective to where it all started. I’ve been a fan of the Idolm@ster franchise since the Xbox 360 console release in 2007, but it was first an arcade game that debuted in 2005.

I was on-board with with home console releases, but anything before that is a black hole to me. Other fans I know got into the franchise in later installments of the games or with the anime, so I don’t have a clear point of reference as to what those early years were like. I mean, whatever was around back then is a dingleberry compared to the mammoth amount of merchandise we see now.

The SR idolm@ster gashapon figures by Yujin give a small glimpse of how the original 765Pro idols were portrayed.  Also, in true gashapon fasion, they even had “secret” figures making it a total 12 figures to collect.

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