Samuragochi Falls on Deaf Ear


Things have turned bizarre on a scandal that already sounded like it was taken from a cartoon show.

Last week, The New York Times reported that composer, Mamoru Samuragochi (50), had a ghostwriter pen down compositions in Samuragochi’s name. It has been said that Samuragochi had lost his hearing in the late 1990s, and at some point in the following decade brought fellow composer Takashi Niigaki on board to carry on the ruse that a deaf composer could create some of the most renowned classical music from Japan. Well, they were right! It certainly fooled just about everyone, seeing as how no one looked into the remarkable talent Samuragochi claimed to have possessed. Really, after all the concerts and television specials, not even a simple query to the man, like, “Dude, that’s pretty cool. So, how’d you this all by yourself?” Everyone just kind of took his word for it. Hindsight, 20/20, I know. You would just think something would be tipped off, though. Right? Continue reading “Samuragochi Falls on Deaf Ear”

Justin Carmical is gone, but you can still play this

What’s the difference between a hero and coward? There ain’t no difference. Inside they’re both exactly alike. Both scared of dying, or getting hurt. But it’s what the hero does that makes him a hero. It’s what the other guy didn’t do that makes him a coward.

Boxing trainer Cus D’Amato told that to a young and confused Mike Tyson as he was about to face a world that was going to put up a fight.

On Saturday January 25, I was somewhat looking forward to the weekend. Usual stuff that I do; watch anime, ride my bike, listen to music, and chat with friends. It should have been a more eventful occasion as it was a day to remind me that I’m only going to be here for a handful of decades before I simply cease to be (if being an introvert has any benefits, staying off the streets with reckless drivers could be one! Seriously, humans and automobiles are an odd pair…). You know, enjoy life while you’re still here, and all that. After a nice meal and a few laughs with my family, I settle down and relax at home, then think, “I should do that more often.” It wasn’t much, but it was turning into a memorable weekend. Then, it really did become a memorable weekend. Just not in a way I would ever hope it would. Continue reading “Justin Carmical is gone, but you can still play this”

Spill is Dead, Korey’s Next Project Is Born

As new websites crop up every day, Spill was something else that I haven’t seen done (well) before.

I’ll save a post about what made so well-liked for another day and give it the time it deserves, but the skinny of it: was a movie review site that carried the motto, “If it’s crap, we’ll tell you!”

Since 2006, the site expanded into a slew of podcasts and even had enough demand to dedicate a portion to video games. Well, the owner of the site ( officially shut down Spill, leaving many audio and video media completely gone. There hasn’t been so much treasured media lost since burning of The Library of Alexandria! Ancient Egyptians cherished podcasts, right…?

No need to fret! The site’s creator, Korey Coleman, tells fans, “It’s ain’t goin’ down like that!”

As Korey explains, he’s giving Kickstarter a chance to bring that something-something that Spill had – and a little more. Of course, part of shading the off old skin is leaving a few things behind, too. Chris Cox (aka Cyrus) already mentioned he wouldn’t come back full time to Korey’s new site, as it’s not full-time paying gig. That’s okay; you can still get your Chris (and other past Spill contributors) fix at Martin Thomas (aka Leon) has already jumped on board to Chris’ and Korey’s new project. No word yet on that rascal robot called “Co-Host 300,” but you know he can’t be too far from where ever Korey is at – Most of the former Spill crew were based in Austin, after all.

The Kickstarter goal has already been reached, but considering that Korey has to build a new site from scratch to reach the level that Spill offered, $30,000 is pretty damn modest. So, the new goal is now $100,000 – and as if this post this campaign is just a few thousand dollars short of that goal with a just over two weeks to go. Not bad, Spillos!

If you want to pledge or want to see what all the fuss is about, check it out here (click). And look forward to what we at idol notes have to share what made Spill, well, Spill – soon.