A look at Bani Garu

I had a sippy cup sip of anime with Maya The Bee in the late 80s and then chugged a 50 oz Big Gulp of it in the year 2001 that hasn’t gone flat to present day. Between those two points, though, the timeline of anime to me is pretty sparse. I knew Sailor Moon was a craze in the mid-90s (my cousin the same age as I am had a wallscroll of the characters back then. Nerd!) and Dragon Ball filling in for the rest of that decade, but other than that, I didn’t take notice of anime during those years. It remains a black hole in my hobby, but that’s where Lea Hernandez comes in to help change that.

If you’re familiar with┬áMarvel Mangaverse┬áthen you’re probably already acquainted with Lea’s work (she inked for The Punisher issue). She also draws for Teen Titans Go!. I kind of skipped both of those… But I did catch wind through Twitter of a webcomic series she’s behind called Bani Garu (click) at Boing Boing. The story is Lea’s personal life during her time as the vice president of the U.S. marketing arm of Gainax from 1989 to 1990. Why only a year? Well, it’s hinted in the first page that things “were itsy-hugey problems with Gainax from the start.”

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