Brand-new Idol SHiT (Yes, that’s their name)

Before I can even get through with the original BiS, another one pops up! Kind of…

While BiS let the curtain fall for good last year, their ex-manager Junnosuke Watanabe (WACK) is dragging out what’s left in their good name through some “shit,” or rather, calling the the new group Brand-new Idol SHiT. Why that is, who knows, but have a look at their music video debut and then get back to me:

For the longest time, my toilet was slowing to a crawl when it flushed, and then when I finally lifted it out from the floor I found a branch growing from a root that was as long as my arm and it was clogging the pipe. Now, whether that’s fake fecal matter the girls were singing in or not, but any time I see it splattered on anyone is TOO DAMN SOON. Although, I have to give the fecal designer props for the design they went with. Is that corn I spot there…?

Anyhow, it’s a debut video music video, but there was quite a bit flowing through my head.  For one, while BiS did some hygienically questionable acts in their time, they showed ambition in their creative endeavors and didn’t tie themselves down in any one act. They were truly an “alternative idol” group, if there ever was one. With BiSH, they’re new faces and they have a ton of room to explore and where to go from here, but this debut doesn’t tell me much other than they’re willing to test the audience’s gag reflexes.

The choreography doesn’t add much to it, either. It’s not even on a JUICE=JUICE level, yet, even then there doesn’t appear to be much effort. I mean, BiS wasn’t trying to show the flashiest moves out there, but even they tried to keep all eyes on them somehow, either with their sarcastic take on idol cliche dance moves or just letting their own individual personalities come through. Some time back, the management recruiting for BiSH sent out the call for applicants with no experience. This is a bit surprising. While this is a move as a way to “going back to basics,” the final lineup of BiS had members who were ambitious; almost relentless in performing– and this was even more true with their newest members. Basically, they were set to go all out in whatever they did. I was hoping the people managing this new group would go from there as far as looking for talent, so starting from scratch feels like they’re holding themselves back when they’re just seemingly going the same route as BiS went. To make matters worse, there’s already one member who had withdrawn from the group. Unless this is some arbitrary way to chisel out a lineup like what BiS had, I’m a little concerned with how things are happening this early.

Let’s get to the music. Thankfully, someone at management had the foresight to upload some of BiSH’s tunes on SoundCload; four, in fact. I really wish more of the smaller music labels handling idol acts would allow for more digital purchases or at least streaming. Anyway, have a listen:

Not bad. It’s pretty standard pop/rock music, but after a few listens I noticed it started to grow on me. The singing is solid, and there’s definitely potential here. The production certainty helps.

ぴらぴろ (Pirapiro) has some heavy guitar riffs with an upbeat pop chorus, then switches back to the heavy stuff. This track probably has the most commercial appeal. I can see it playing during the credits of an anime, at least. SCHOOL GIRLS, BANG BANG breaks the beat and rhythm into the most simplest form it’s almost numbing. They definitely made this track in hopes that’ll it’ll get stuck in your head, and maybe it will. The middle section slows down a bit to have two singers trade off in an almost haunting tone (complete with ghastly moans in the background), but then plays out back to the repetitious chorus. サラバかな (Salover Cana) picks the lowest fruit from the tree. It’s the most standard sound that you hear from every other artist in the past decade. It’s not offensive to the ears, but it’s not memorable, either. Too bland to mention anything more.

The last track does a complete 180° turn to something good. スパーク (Spark) almost has an adult alternative feel to it. It has a sweet and anxious melody with the vocals to match. Looking at the lyrics translated from this blog, it all matches the song perfectly. Three of members (Aina The End, Saint Chihiro Chittiii, and Hug Mii) each take their turns in singing a part of the chorus, and they each do it so earnestly that I almost get a lump in my throat. Also, not that they sound the same, it does remind me of The Pillows during their prime (Little Busters – Thank You, My Twilight). This was the first track released to the public and one I would hope BiSH will follow up on– after they try everything else, it seems. It’s also from what I gather the only song to feature Yukako Love Delux before she departed from the group. She’s pretty prominent in this track, so I’m pretty saddened that we won’t hear more from her, at least from this group. She’s also sings the last lines in the song:


And with that, she was gone.

Maybe I had this group figured out all wrong. It’s just when I see them touted as “new BiS” I expect, well, something BiS. Looking back, though, maybe I didn’t quite grasp BiS as well as I thought I had, either. I enjoyed their music, sure, but they weren’t all about shock and awe. For a time earlier on, perhaps, but they had talent on a versatile level, and for a group (especially in the league of idols) that’s almost unheard of. BiSH isn’t BiS. They have the advantage of going anywhere from this point on, really. Where that is, I can’t tell even with all that I’ve said so far, but not knowing can also be exciting sometimes.

Stay updated on all the group’s BiSHness on their Twitter account, official site, and to their music on their official SoundCloud. Want to know their lyrics? Then check out this blog!

You can buy their debut album (Brand-new Idol SHit) at, HMV and CDJapan when it releases at the end of May.