Billie Idile®, Tentenko and some BiS

First off, the name of the group is awesome. Although, I’m honestly not sure if they are outright paying a homage to 1980s pop-rock icon Billy Idol. They do place the registered trademark as part of their official name; a precaution to avoid any lawsuits, I presume. All I can say is it was a bit of a pain in the ass to collect info  through Google without the two overlapping.

Anyhow, I can’t recall how I came across them, but Billie Idile® just kind of  appeared before me with their debut song Anarchy in the Music Scene. Have a look/listen!:

I dig the early 1990s designs, like the random squiggly lines. It feels like Dustin Diamond could have walked into the scene at any moment (kind of sad how possible that could have been…). Of course, the idols (or “not idols” as they’re promoted as) are the main focus. One member stood out in particular; Nozomi Hirano. She’s the shortest one with the deadpan expression and she even chills on the floor for a bit during the first chorus. While that’s cool, I knew she had to have appeared in something I saw before, something recent. My intuition didn’t fail me! Nozomi, along with her orange-haired partner First Summer Uika, were part of the recently disbanded “alternative idol” group BiS (Brand-new idol Society).

I’ve only had a glimpse of BiS here and there over their short foray in the industry. What stuck out to me the most were their odd (and almost degrading, in my opinion) promotions such as running some sort of contest where the group cleans someone’s house, a music video where they ran around in the woods buck naked, another where they get the crap slapped out of them by another group, and I read about them doing a photo shoot with fake semen. They were about two steps away from reaching some GG Allin antics. Aside from that, I don’t have much experience with them as a listener. I do like their dedication and ideas of being an alternative idol group. It’s not anything a lot of us who go out of our way to find the dregs of any music genre haven’t seen before, but it’s something a lot of idol fans needed. And they made some pretty solid music, too.

Unfortunately, I think that’s what partly done them in, or at least contributed to their rocky start with losing members so soon after debuting . Also, with albums titles such as IDOL is DEAD and WHO KILLED IDOL?… If only we took the time to see the signs were there all along! Actually, founder and leader of BiS Pour Lui had intentions of disbanding the group. Before that, though, they added three new members, and it’s too bad the group was on its last legs by that point since these members were charmers, if not exceptionally talented.

Tentenko caught my attention immediately. For one, she made an effort to make her first solo single (Good Bye, Good Girl) in conjunction with a VHS release. HIPSTER ALERT WEE-WOO WEE-WOO! Cool your jets. I think this falls more into the experiential side, and the song does have hints of 80s pop staples, notably the electric drums (if only Tenten could have found a way to sample a classic Roland TR-808 beat. She is a DJ, after all). Although, I can’t even remember the last time I actually touched a VHS tape, let alone had a purpose to buy one.  Don’t let that stop you from buying a copy for yourself! Now, go dig out the VHS player from your grandma’s garage and make it a Tentenko night.

Another thing that caught my attention of Tentenko was her movements in the choreography. It’s concise, controlled, yet, fluid enough to really pump up the energy on stage with her BiS-mates. Not to take away from the other member’s efforts, but Tentenko’s talent in dancing really commanded respect. I would be interested in knowing why she joined BiS, since it seems clear as day that she could have joined any other group that complemented or even challenged her already impressive choreography skills to make her even more of a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor. Then again, if that had happened we may not have had come to appreciate BiS as much, or even had come across lil’ Tenten at all. Here are a couple videos that show the entire group dancing and you tell me if Tentenko doesn’t catch your eye despite not being in the center of any of the shots:

I have high hopes for Bille Idle® and Tentenko. While looking over videos of concerts and events, though, I really want to kick myself for not jumping on the BiS bandwagon sooner. Sure, they had some growing pains, but they showed they had something worthwhile to offer with enough patience. If the music they offered wasn’t proof enough, then Tentenko and Billie Idle® are here to convince you otherwise, and seeing how they each only just released their first singles, that only means more things to come. Maybe not off-the-wall things like what BiS did, but I enjoy what they’ve put out so far and they look like they’re working hard going forward. I learned my lesson and will stick with them this time. For now, join me on board on the Billie Idle® caboose. Choo-choo~!

Keep up with Billie Idle® on Twitter and YouTube. Be sure to get their debut album Idle Gossip at HMV (import friendly). The tracks sampled on the site sound all killer and no filler.

Do the same with Tentenko on Twitter and YouTube, too. She has her single CD and VHS release (as well as her own zine) available at CDJapan. Support these gals and their creative endeavors.

Do it, sucka!